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The dentist often wonders, what’s it like to save a life? But, beyond that he doesn’t explore since he has never faced a situation like that in college nor in his practice. But, lets not forget history. History has shown many incidents of lives ending on a dental chair!

Life…is not just a four letter word, when it ends on our chair; we are held responsible unless proved otherwise. But, as a DOCTOR we are bound to help the patient on our chair in the best possible way we can!

We know, cardiac arrest requires CPR, but do we know how to do it? Respiratory arrest requires intubation, “Seen it in Grey’s Anatomy, but don’t have a clue how to perform!”

Well, we all are in a fix… we call ourselves DOCTORS, whereas media would call us MURDERERS if we cant save a life or cant even try to save a life or help someone in need till they reach the nearest hospital.

This is a MUST LEARN for all of us as DOCTORS.

We, The Dental Experts, present a weekend course on “IT’S ALL ABOUT SAVING A LIFE!” by Dr. Rukhsar Vankani Muckra where we shall train you in all the procedures required to sustain a life till definitive medical care is provided to the patient. This will benefit your practice and make it more efficient.

The Course Will Cover the following:
(Please Note – The titles will be covered only in the purview of dental practice. The aim of the course is to sustain life without major damage to the patient’s vital organs till he reaches definitive care!)

Statistics- Emergencies on the Dental Chair in the past and patient survival
Statistics- Dentists ending up with the blame and shame of a murderer
Cardiac Emergencies – includes management of irregular heart rate or cardiac arrest. Technique of CPR will be covered
Respiratory Emergencies- Respiratory Arrest, Asthmatic Attack management. Procedure of intubation will be covered
Neurological Emergencies- Stroke, TIA management
Behavioral and Psychological Emergencies
- Shock
- Trauma